LGBT activist exposes his genitals to children at Canadian museum performance

By Jonathon Van Maren

At this stage of the Sexual Revolution, norms are being broken with such regularity that it can be difficult to keep track. Nonetheless, it is important that we do so to call out clearly what is happening, especially because increasingly, the norms being broken involve the sexualization of children.

In particular, the cultural consensus that children should not be exposed to adult nudity is being eliminated, and those pointing this out are being accused of paranoia despite the brazenness of those who wish to destroy this consensus. Thus, a Dutch TV show can expose children to full transgender nudity and claim it is education; Canada’s state broadcaster the CBC can defend children seeing “boobs and penises” at LGBT parades; the Washington Post can insist that it is good for children to see “kink.”

Those are just a few recent examples, but what is important to observe here is that the media enablers of the LGBT movement are not insisting that children are not being exposed to adult nudity and sexual behavior – they are claiming, openly, that this is a good thing. This is a shift in strategy. Another recent example of this was recently reported by the True North Centre and Rebel News: 

A grown man exposed his penis to children while denouncing ‘white privilege’ in a performance on the opening night of the taxpayer-funded Quebec City Museum of Civilization’s ‘Love me gender’ exhibit. The museum is defending the act as a ‘contemporary art performance’ aimed at representing ‘artistic diversity.’ According to a news release, the museum’s new ‘LGBTQIA2S+’ exhibit allows people to ‘explore the plurality of experiences related to genders. It also highlights how they have transformed over time and in different cultures, in Québec and elsewhere.’

‘The main subjects of the exhibition are gender identities and gender expressions; diversity in sexed bodies in the animal and human world; social gender norms and the discrimination associated with them; the social movements and their past and present demands as well as queer and trans cultures of today,’ adds the museum.

Rebel News recorded an undercover video on the exhibit’s opening night, and the children who are present react with discomfort as the nude man, initially wrapped with saran wrap, is unwrapped and stripped in front of them. Once he is naked, the man then puts on a dress. The performance was part of the Civilization Museum’s “LGBTQIA2S+” exhibition that included various models of genitals, LGBT symbols, and even “vials of hormones.” Slogans in the exhibition include “men need abortions too” and “they/them/theirs.” The Civilization Museum is taxpayer-funded and advised that their exhibit is for “all ages” and that “children [should] be accompanied by adults to guide them in their visiting experience and start a dialogue on gender diversity.” 


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