Finally, politicians who will fight back against the liberal slandering of Christians

By Jonathon Van Maren

I’ve been waiting a long time to see a politician stand up and defend social conservatives against the relentless smear machine of the progressives, who love to scapegoat Christians as a way of distracting from their abysmal economic records and plummeting political popularity. With Jason Kenney’s leadership victory this weekend, Rachel Notley tweeted out a perfect example of this, promising sceptical Albertans that “We’ll stand against UCP’s job-killing, gay-outing, school-cutting, health privatizing, backward-looking, hope-destroying, divisive agenda.”

Leaving the hilarious irony of her accusations of divisiveness after that paranoid soliloquy, it must be noted that this is the same Rachel Notley who accused the Catholic school system of condoning marital rape just the other day. Jason Kenney responded by pointing out that she was lying and concocting a conspiracy that attempted to distract from her political woes by demonizing Albertan parents and educators, and the United Conservative Party continued highlighting the NDP’s disgusting smears yesterday:

United Conservative Party chief whip Ric McIver demanded Premier Rachel Notley apologize to all Alberta Catholics Monday for her comments about sex education documents, saying she “maligned an entire faith community.”

“The premier accused every Catholic in Alberta essentially of being in favour of non-consensual sex, or rape, and she needs to apologize,” McIver, who is Catholic, said in an interview Monday.

At issue is Notley’s response to documents authored by Catholic school superintendents, which outlined their concerns about what might be included about consent in a new health and wellness curriculum. Postmedia obtained the documents with a freedom of information request.

“Consent is the law in Alberta and under no circumstances will any child in Alberta be taught that they have to somehow accept illegal behaviour in a sexual relationship. The end,” Notley told The Canadian Press last week.

Although the document written by the superintendents says “consent is always necessary,” it also says, “we guard against a reductionist view of our human sexuality that consent is the most important factor in decision making.”

McIver’s comments came as MLAs gathered for the first day of the legislature’s fall sitting. Notley had left the chamber when McIver made his demand.

This is important. Not only was Notley’s smear an outright slander, the document actually said that consent was the bare minimum standard for sexuality. As in, there should actually be real love and genuine intimacy as part of the equation, which Notley and Eggen don’t really care about—as long as teenagers are encouraged to try whatever they want and use contraceptives and abortions services to ensure that procreation doesn’t become an issue, they’re fine.

But finally—politicians who are willing to fight back, and not sit idly by as their supporters are libeled in the media by ideologues who want to turn some Albertans against other Albertans in order to portray themselves as progressive heroes, battling the homophobic parents who dare to believe something differently than they do. This has been a successful strategy for Notley-types across the country of late, with the federal Liberals targeting a female pro-life MP, Kathleen Wynne successfully proving that Patrick Brown is no different than she is after the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario voted with the Liberals on banning pro-life activism outside of abortion clinics, and failed UCP leadership candidate Brian Jean heading over to the meida to condemn members of his own party who didn’t care for the exhibitionist Pride Parades.

But finally—we have men like Jason Kenney and Rick McIver, who aren’t standing idly by while progressives lie about parents who simply want to raise their children in their own faith traditions. I only hope this is a sign of things to come.


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One thought on “Finally, politicians who will fight back against the liberal slandering of Christians

  1. Mike says:

    Well said! The comments in the Edmonton Journal article about this are absolutely appalling. Mostly Catholic-shaming and little genuine debate. I had to exit off the page before I went on a long, angry, all caps rant. Just sickening. Makes everything you’re doing to combat our distorted culture so much more important and valuable. Keep it up Johnathon!

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