Jason Kenney declares war on the NDP’s social engineering

By Jonathon Van Maren

May 7, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – In a barn-burner speech to thousands of Albertans who gathered in Red Deer over the weekend to vote on the policy platform for the new United Conservative Party, Jason Kenney declared war on Rachel Notley and her NDP government.

He denounced the carbon tax, promised the return of the Alberta advantage, and solemnly committed to always listen to the grassroots with a “heart of servant leadership.” Waves of applause rocked the convention hall over and over again. The message came through: Albertans are fed up with the social engineering and job-killing policies of Rachel Notley’s NDP, and they are ready for change.

The grassroots, throughout the convention, delivered one message loudly and clearly: The NDP’s meddling in schools and denial of parental rights has gone on long enough. Kenney got a raucous standing ovation when he addressed the issue in his speech. “If the NDP tries to smuggle more of their politics into the classroom through the curriculum we will put that curriculum through the shredder!” he thundered. Based on the policy resolutions passed throughout the convention, it was a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

Resolution 30, which stipulated that parents should be told when their children are involved in any subjects of a religious or sexual nature, caused a ruckus when it was put forward, with MLA Ric McIver along with two of his colleagues coming to the mic to ask attendees to vote against it so that the UCP would not be labeled the “lake of fire” party, a reference to a 2011 blog post written by Wildrose candidate Allan Hunsperger. The resolution passed with a 57% majority, and despite Jason Kenney telling media that the UCP opposed the “mandatory” notification of parents when their children got involved in “peer groups,” Education Minister David Eggen was immediately out in front of the cameras.

Eggen promptly began to do what he does best: Engage in fear mongering and insinuate that Albertan parents pose a danger to their own children that he and the NDP must protect those children from: “We’ve worked very hard to create a safe and caring environment for students here in the province and just by passing this today, they’ve made a more dangerous and unsafe place for kids in schools.” He then, of course, highlighted Ric McIver’s plea to UCP members to vote against it, obviously delighted that McIver had voluntarily made the “lake of fire” connection for him to repeat.


3 thoughts on “Jason Kenney declares war on the NDP’s social engineering

  1. Maria Cameron says:

    Thank you for your reporting and commentary Jonathon. In the Christian struggle to live and teach our children to live as we are created to, it is uplifiting to take a look at my fellow soldiers and give thanks for their talents.

    I finished your Culture Wars book on vacation. Even though I knew most of the facts already, it was good to review them in an organized fashion as they applied to our country. After the last page, I looked up at the mountains which encircled me in my peaceful surroundings and was grateful that you ended with that note of hope. The groups of principled sharp people who are joining the frey in an organized fashion make it easier to keep on living and raising our kids.

    Your reporting helps me so much since you describe the battles I am sometimes involved with from your higher and experienced view point. Coming through the AGM you described, I could just decide to fold up my party member card and quit. But when the road forward is illumined I think I can continue on the marathon.

  2. rob says:

    thank you the article. i especially appreciate you pointing out the clear message behind the NDP social marxist agenda … and that is Alberta parents are the danger they are talking about and only the NDP can protect kids from their own families. We have to not surrender the language to these people, and we need to know what we believe and why we believe it. Control of the language is control of the culture.

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