Trudeau’s government will fund groups that spew anti-Semitic hate–but not churches that help the poor

By Jonathon Van Maren

The Liberal decision to insert an ideological purity test into the Canada Summer Jobs Program continues to dog them, as this exchange in the House of Commons a week ago highlights beautifully:

Hon. Candice Bergen (Portage—Lisgar, CPC): 

Mr. Speaker, last Saturday, in downtown Toronto in what can only be described as a rally intended to incite hatred toward Jews and others, Sheik Shafiq Hudda of the Islamic Humanitarian Service called for the eradication of Israelis, and genocide. Some of his anti-Semitic hate speech aimed at the Jewish community included telling them, “You will leave in body bags.”

Will the Prime Minister condemn these hate-filled anti-Semitic comments?

Right Hon. Justin Trudeau (Prime Minister, Lib.): 

Mr. Speaker, we always condemn hate-filled anti-Semitic or homophobic or Islamophobic and hate-filled speech of all types across this country. Canada is a welcoming, diverse country of a broad range of views and perspectives, but we do not allow hate speech and we do not allow the incitement of hatred.

We are a country that is built on mutual respect, on openness and compassion, and we reject the politics of division and hate wherever they come from.

Hon. Candice Bergen (Portage—Lisgar, CPC): 

Mr. Speaker, the Prime Minister‘s actions speak otherwise. On one hand, he is giving these anti-Semitic religious extremists taxpayers’ dollars to actively promote hatred using funds from the Canada summer jobs program. On the other, he has denied funding to faith groups that want to help those in need.

Why is the Prime Minister allowing certain religious organizations to be funded to promote hatred toward Jews, but saying no to churches that want to help the homeless?

Right Hon. Justin Trudeau (Prime Minister, Lib.): 

Mr. Speaker, this is not an issue of faith or beliefs. We can tell they are still Stephen Harper’s Conservatives when they advocate for organizations like the Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform to receive public funds, which are then used to attack a woman’s right to choose. We believe that public funds should never be used to actively fight against the rights of Canadians, and we will ensure that no money from the Canada summer jobs program is re-funded to organizations that violate the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and that use hate against other Canadians of any type, whether they be women, Jewish community groups, or LGBTQ—

If you watch the actual video of this exchange, you’ll realize that Trudeau’s responses were substantially cleaned up before they were inserted into Hansard—at times, he used double-negatives that indicated he believed the opposite of what he was trying to say, and at one point he may have swallowed an entire sentence and never gotten it back. Trudeau has also proven to be obsessed with the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform, citing the organization (where I serve as communications director) several times in the House of Commons, and even on his ill-fated town hall speaking tour—but he seems to have forgotten a few key facts.

First of all, it was actually one of his Liberal MPs who signed off on the Canada Summer Jobs cheque for CCBR in 2016, not a Conservative one. And secondly, it is rather bizarre to claim that CCBR is in any way connected to Stephen Harper, considering the fact that CCBR actually ran an entire campaign in 2013 to draw attention to the fact that Harper was an avid defender of Canada’s abortion regime, even tinkering with parliamentary proceedings to ensure that a motion to condemn gendercide would not come to a vote. But when you’re Justin Trudeau, facts don’t matter—you can make things up as you go, so long as you can invoke the Ghost of Stephen Harper in a weird attempt to convince everyone that he’s still the guy you’re running against.

But if you’re wondering how the Liberal government is planning to defend their Canada Summer Jobs attestation, Trudeau’s handler Gerald Butts (an attack dog so sensitive he has blocked me and most of my friends on Twitter for mild criticisms that proved triggering) may have given the game away. Sending out a tweet to celebrate the Supreme Court of Canada’s rejection of religious liberty in their Trinity Western University decision, Butts wrote: “Supreme Court of Canada rules that limits on religious freedom ‘reasonable’ to protect LGBT rights’ #CanadaSummerJobs.” In other words, Trudeau’s Liberals don’t really care if they have to restrict the freedoms of religious Canadians in order to impose their ideological agenda on the country: They think that’s reasonable, and so you’ll have to live with it.

It’s high time that Canadians of faith—and all Canadians who value freedom—work to get rid of the man Dr. David Haskell has referred to as the most dangerous prime minister Canada has ever had.


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  1. Steve Toering says:

    A talk show host in London, ON, often stated that Canadians forget before the next election. So, we need reminders of what is happening.

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