Mexico’s pro-life movement battles to keep abortion forces out

By Jonathon Van Maren

As LifeSiteNews reported on February 11, pro-lifers in Mexico narrowly fended off an attempt to change the nation’s constitution in order to further permit abortion as well as redefine marriage and legalize euthanasia earlier this month. Debate on these proposed constitutional amendments, which are being championed by a handful of pro-abortion politicians, has been tabled for the time being, but legislators are under enormous pressure both domestically and internationally to modify Mexico’s constitution and include “reproductive autonomy” as well as “gender identity” as integral human rights, among others.

To find out what was happening on the ground in Mexico, I spoke with Rocío Gálvez de Lara, the national president of Comité Nacional Pro-Vida, Mexico’s largest pro-life organization. Here is our conversation:

LifeSiteNews (LSN): What is the status quo regarding abortion in Mexico?

Rocío Gálvez de Lara (de Lara): Regarding this subject we have to clarify the status of abortion by methods. If we consider chemical abortion, the morning after pill, we have to say that it’s legal in our country to buy these abortifacients without any restrictions. You don´t have even to present a medical prescription given by a doctor. In contrast, if you buy an antibiotic, you have to do so. It’s terrible that such drugs are available to anyone who can afford to buy them, adolescents, young people, any time they want. In 2014, only one company that distributes them reported sales for 5 million pills nationwide.

With respect to the RU-486, we know that women can buy them through the Internet and they deliver to any place in Mexico, so we don’t have official numbers on how many Mifespristone pills are being sold.


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