Scientist says we have to get over our “taboo” about cannibalism and eat human flesh to combat climate change

By Jonathon Van Maren

Back when I was still a university student in British Columbia, I used to travel to other campuses quite often to help out with pro-life displays. Debating secular university students is an always interesting and sometimes infuriating experience, and one of my friends used to box pro-abortion philosophy students into admitting that if their position on the value of pre-born human life was an ethically sound one, society might have a moral responsibility to use fetuses for meat (lower carbon footprint, ready supply—the benefits were endless.) It was a savage and clever way of illustrating just how awful the consequences of denying the humanity of human beings of a certain age group could be.

Unfortunately, it sometimes seems as if those of us who point out the potential results of an anti-human worldview are just giving our ideological opponents ideas—who, after all, would have thought that infanticide would be such a debate in 2019, and that the Democrats would refuse to condemn it—including almost every single major Democratic presidential candidate? But I still did a double-take when I spotted a headline reading: “Swedish Scientist Proposes Cannibalism to Fight Climate Change.”


3 thoughts on “Scientist says we have to get over our “taboo” about cannibalism and eat human flesh to combat climate change

  1. Daniel Harder says:

    Be pretty hard to eat a living human…. Unless your a zombie I suppose.
    And it would probably mean killing the subject.
    Deteriotion of tissue/build up of bacteria is rapid after death.
    You don’t eat on dead animals or mammals….
    You kill what you eat.
    In China, there is a new article coming out of there which claims villages succumbing to cannibalism due to starvation.
    (Kind of why we should not interfere, in an intrusive way, in another peoples’ diet)
    Most likely where this “brilliant” idea is born from.
    That said, it has already been shown that human cannibalism is unhealthy as it can almost certainly cause Kuru or Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, and the disease can be handed down genetically in future generations of family members.
    Just let people eat healthy dogs and cats if we can not supply them with better sources of meat.
    We get upset that the UN tries to involve itselves and it’s dictates in our sovereign nation and yet we are no better towards other nations.
    In the end… Pretty certain this story is bullshit.
    No proper thinking scientist would suggest this.

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