Planned Parenthood activists burn the American flag to protest pro-life law

By Jonathon Van Maren

These days it feels as if the Overton Window is moving at such warp speed that you can actually hear it sliding. State governments have placed their own citizens under house arrest, promptly made exceptions for riots and protests, and now statue-smashing has moved from Robert E. Lee to Ulysses S. Grant and from Jefferson Davis to Abraham Lincoln. America is getting a makeover, and those performing the surgery are wielding butcher knives rather than scalpels.

And now Planned Parenthood, which despite its racist roots has thus far survived the woke purges due to the fact that they provide much-needed abortions, is getting in on the action. Hitching their wagon to other progressive causes in order to secure a place on the woke platform has always been one of their primary strategies, but now, of course, a blood-glutted corporation that has caused more black deaths than any organization in America (the KKK included) is attempting to join the new revolution.


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