LGBT activist attacks lawmaker, police officer after Oklahoma House votes to ban child ‘sex changes’

By Jonathon Van Maren

On February 28, a trans activist wearing a “pride” flag screamed himself hoarse in the stairwell of the Oklahoma State Capitol and fought with police after dumping water on state Rep. Bob Culver and another state legislator. Other protestors followed as he was removed from the CapitolCulver released a statement announcing that he would be pressing charges to ensure that there would be consequences for the assault of a police officer.  

Chris Elston, the dad activist who fights gender ideology and is better known as “Billboard Chris,” video-recorded the arrest, noting: “The sounds of wailing and gnashing of teeth are like a lullaby to me, as legislators put an end to this child abuse. 

Elston was referring to the passage of House Bill 2177, a bill that bans “sex changes” for children. This has predictably attracted the loud ire of trans activists. HB 2177, co-authored by GOP state representatives Kevin West and Jim Olsen, makes it illegal for medical professionals to provide, attempt to provide, or refer for puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, or “sex change” surgeries (including mastectomies and castration) for minors.  

It passed by a margin of 80 to 18, and will now head to the state senate. If it passes there and is signed by Governor Kevin Stitt, it will go into effect immediately. Gov. Stitt has consistently expressed his support for laws protecting minors from gender ideology.


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