Coronavirus pandemic shuts down Dutch euthanasia clinic

It shouldn’t surprise me, but it does genuinely sicken me: As the coronavirus pandemic sweeps the West, those who deal in death continue to insist that their “services” are still somehow essential. As I noted yesterday, abortion clinics in the US are refusing to shut down, in some instances despite direct orders from state authorities.

But according to the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, there is at least one temporary silver lining in all of this insanity:

The Netherlands euthanasia clinic has temporarily shut-down amid the Coronavirus crisis. This is the euthanasia clinic that reported euthanasia requests, in 2019, were up by 22% and euthanasia deaths increased to 898 from 727 in 2018. This is also the euthanasia clinic that specializes in euthanasia for psychiatric reasons and euthanasia for people with dementia or questionable competency.

The announcement from the euthanasia clinic (Google translated) follows:

Corona crisis hits Euthanasia Expertise Center

The Corona crisis also affects the assistance of the Euthanasia Expertise Center. In the interest of public health, our patients, their loved ones and employees of the expertise center, it is no longer responsible to continue our current care provision.

Euthanasia expertise center temporarily will not accept new patients; clients are requested to submit their request at a later date. In addition, the care for current patients of the Euthanasia Expertise Center is suspended. Existing processes are put on hold and resumed at a later date. If euthanasia has already been agreed or promised, euthanasia can continue on condition that the group of attendees is limited to those who are absolutely necessary. Urgent case histories of current patients from the center of expertise are also dealt with, as long as a doctor and nurse are available for this. This concerns case histories of terminal patients or patients where there is an important risk that the ability to exercise will be compromised.


…However, special circumstances force us to take these inevitable steps. However harsh: euthanasia care cannot be identified as a top priority in health care. The risk of infection is high and the expertise center employs ambulatory doctors and nurses who also work elsewhere. For example, they are general practitioners or work in the intensive care unit of a hospital. Other healthcare providers are retired and themselves fall under the definition of the group of “vulnerable”.

Euthanasia consultants

The measures apply until April 6. The government’s date is leading for the Euthanasia Expertise Center. Our euthanasia consultants continue to provide (general practitioner) doctors in the Netherlands with telephone support.

A small blessing, I suppose: At least it is not top priority to kill patients when medical professionals are desperately needed to save them.

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